Your Creative Snapper:


Product Questions:

What is your jewelry made of?

Our jewelry is made of an alloy metal that is nickel & lead free.

What is your return policy?

We warrant My Snappy Place items for 60 days of purchase date.  All returns or exchanges must be assigned a return number by us.
No refunds or exchanges will be given on any items returned without an approved return number.  All items must be returned within 65 days of purchase date.
Customer pays all return shipping costs.

Do all snaps fit all bases?

No.  Most of the snaps in our store fit most of the bases offered.  We do however have a MINI ME category which the snaps only fit the bases within that category.

Do you welcome suggestions from customers?

Absolutely!  Feel free to contact us with any ideas for products you would like to see on our site.  You can do this by clicking on CONTACT and filling out the form & submitting it.  We will do our very best to respond within 24 hours, if a response is warranted.


Creative Snapper/Affiliate Questions:

Do you accept Creative Snappers/Affiliates outside of the US?

Yes!  We accept those from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, The United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.  Must be at least 18 years of age.

Is there a kit requirement to join My Snappy Place?

No, there is not a kit requirement to join.  Instead, we require a $25 purchase after sign up from your sponsor's link.  This gives you the ability to pick and choose what products you wish to start with!

We also offer 2 kits currently.  Our large kit is $99.00 plus shipping & our small kit is $19.99 plus shipping.  Please see specifics on these kits by clicking on JOIN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM at the top of the home page.

Are there any monthly fees or requirements to start or stay active as a Creative Snapper?

While there are no monthly fees, we do require that all Creative Snappers have at least 1 sale though their personal link each month in order to remain active.  This can be as little as a $1.75 bookmark! 

If I become inactive, can I rejoin My Snappy Place at a later date?

Yes.  If you become inactive due to not meeting the 1 sale requirement and you wish to rejoin My Snappy Place, there is a purchase requirement of $25.00 due before you will be granted an active status with us.  Purchase must be made through the main My Snappy Place website at .

How much can I earn with My Snappy Place?

We pay our affiliates up to 50% in commission through 2 levels.  Please see our Comp Plan by clicking on JOIN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM at the top of the home page.

How often will I get paid my commissions?

We pay out commissions every Friday for the previous week's earnings, through PayPal.  Commissions must be at least $10.00 for a payout to occur.

Shipping Questions:

Where all do you ship to?

We currently ship within the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, The United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.

Do you offer free shipping at all?

Yes!  All orders over $150.00 will receive free shipping (within the USA)  Discounted shipping will be applied to international orders.