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Designer Affiliate Program

Review and sign below to AGREE to our Policies laid out here before continuing.


My Snappy Place

Affiliate Policies & Procedures

Effective March 1, 2019


REQUIREMENTS - To become & remain an Affiliate:

    1. 18 years of age or older
    2. - Accept/Sign affiliate agreement
    3. Be a citizen of the USA.
    4. Log into your back office at least 1x/month
  1. My Snappy Place is FREE to join.  Although there are no sales requirements to remain an affiliate, My Snappy Place reserves the right to cancel any account that has remained dormant for 90 days or more.  The term “dormant” refers to no sales having been placed through that link.


COMPENSATION - Commissions are tracked and earned through your back office when your website has a sale. Commissions are paid every Friday for the previous week’s earnings. (Ending on Saturday) All commissions earned are paid through PayPal. There is a $10.00 minimum for payouts.  If an affiliate leaves the company, is terminated, or goes into an inactive/dormant status, all unpaid commissions earned up to that point are forfeited.


COMMISSION: Earnings are as follows:

Level 1 -30% (affiliate)

Level 2 - 5%

Level 3 - 5%

Total - 40%

PROMOTION & SELLING: Approved Advertising & Sales

Social Media, placing advertising locally and talking to family and friends, are all acceptable ways of advertising and promoting your My Snappy Place business as long as the company logo is used.

My Snappy Place jewelry can be sold anywhere except Ebay or other similar auction sites. Of course, if you sell online, it must be through your My Snappy Place unique affiliate URL only.


EMPLOYMENT & SALES TAX: As an affiliate you are self employed and considered an independent contractor.  You are responsible for paying your state, local and federal taxes. You must report all income earned on your personal or business taxes. We encourage you to keep detailed records, have a separate bank account for My Snappy Place and talk with a tax professional. Yearly, we will report to the IRS all earnings of each affiliate that has received payments or bonus incentives from us. You will receive a 1099 on bonus earnings and compensations over $600.


CONFLICT OF INTEREST CLAUSE: Those who represent any other SNAP JEWELRY company are not eligible to become or remain an Affiliate Designer through My Snappy Place due to the nature of conflict of interest and our competing business policy. The following is a list of competing companies. This list is subject to change.

    1. Magnolia & Vine
    2. Style Dots
    3. Mix It Up Interchangeables
    4. Kalypso Twistz
    5. Gracie Roze
    6. Addie Jean Jewelry
    7. Bejeweled By Me
    8. Magnabilities
  1. Stamped 4 You


PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: All Promotional items can be found in the Designer’s Jewelry Box. The company name & logo are the sole property of My Snappy Place.  


REPRESENTATION: As an affiliate with My Snappy Place, you must possess the qualities of honesty & integrity at all times when engaging in business while representing the My Snappy Place company.


TEAM LEADER RESPONSIBILITIES:  If an affiliate has a downline, they must mentor and stay in contact with their team.  This can be done through team pages, conference calls or gatherings.  Failure to mentor and/or respond to downline questions could result in your dismissal as an affiliate with My Snappy Place.


REQUESTING A NEW UPLINE - An affiliate may request to be moved to another upline person in the event their direct upline is not mentoring them or has not been in contact with them within a reasonable amount of time.  Decisions will be made on a case by case basis. Those that have 0 involvement with their downline may be removed from the company.


New Affiliates - Anyone who signs up as an affiliate and doesn’t go through a current affiliate’s link to do so, will be assigned an upline by the Corporate office.  BE SURE new sign-ups have your link. We will not correct any mistakes made concerning this.


Dissolution Of Business Relationship - Any affiliate’s affiliation with My Snappy Place may be terminated at will, either by the company or by the affiliate.  

Upon leaving My Snappy Place, departing affiliates are not permitted to post any negative or disparaging remarks on any social media or networking sites about the company.  All concerns are to be addressed to My Snappy Place in writing only. Failure to comply may result in legal action being taken in which the departing Creative Snapper/affiliate will be responsible for any fees incurred by My Snappy Place.


This Policies & Procedures document is part of the affiliate agreement signed by new affiliates upon joining My Snappy Place.

This document is subject to additions/changes made to it at any time.  Please refer to it often.